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God is a trinity! Each person of the trinity, Father, Son and holy spirit, possesses the same eternal divine nature.The trinity itself has an internal familial relationship. God the father is eternally fathering the Son who receives this love and is eternally Son. This love between them is the holy spirit. How beautiful is this divine mystery of God?!

I have noticed lately that I don’t think a lot about the Father. I constantly communicate with Jesus and I think often about the holy spirit. But, I have to be honest I forget to communicate with God the father. The more I think about God, the more amazed I become about the immensity of His fatherliness. This is precisely what I would like to discuss within this blog. I want you to spare a moment ,take my lead and ponder about the fatherliness of God.

A father who gave us life.

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God is love and His love spills forth through His fatherliness which is perhaps best described as His life giving love. A child requires a father to come into this world, to grow and to be protected. However, for a child to come into existence it requires God the Father. God the Father desired us first and in His divine plan He willed that we should enter His creation. If God had not thought about us, then we would not be here.

Have you ever pondered this before?

When I first meditated on this I was struck by how much God loved me. God the Father loved me first! If God hadn’t loved me then I would not not exist. When God loves and thinks He creates so how blessed am I, how wanted was I that God thought of me! God deserves all the love that I can give Him because without Him, I am truly nothing.

“Each of us is the result of a thought of God. Each of us is willed. Each of us is loved. Each of us is necessary.”― Pope Benedict XVI-

A father who heals our longing.

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Right now, I am pursuing my masters in Psychology. Interestingly, the more I learn the more I discover how important a father is within a persons’ life. Intrinsically, whether we realise it or not, we desire a strong father. The absence of a father has negative effects within our lives especially towards our mental wellbeing. If we yearn soo much for our earthly fathers then how much more do we require our heavenly Father ?

God knows that our earthly fathers are imperfect but He is perfection. He can meet every ache of our hearts. In fact there will always be an ache for God which our earthly fathers, however great, simply cannot meet. Now, imagine God knowing that there is an ache that only He can soothe but not being able to do anything because we are not turning to Him. The best decision we can make in our lives is to open our hearts to the love of our eternal Father. I cannot put into words, the completeness felt when we discover the Fathers love for us.

A father who is always present.

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It is impossible for our earthly fathers to be with us every second of the day. But think about this …. God the father spends every second of every day focusing on us and He never departs. God has observed every moment of our lives thus far and will do so until we enter eternity. But even then, He will be ever present with us.

God the father watched us take our first breaths,

He watched eagerly as we made our first baby steps,

He was overjoyed when we giggled out loud

... and His heart broke when we cried.

Every achievement we made,God delighted the most.

Every time we fell into the wrong path, God was there to hold us close.

However, did we ever embrace Him back?

Did we ever run to tell Him about our achievements?

Unfortunately, we often fail to do both.

It is we who neglect Him, we who decide that He doesn’t need to know about our lives and we who hurt Him. We aren’t great kids are we?

Despite our failings, God never ceases to love us because He is love. Let’s make firm decisions to love God at every moment of our lives.

A father with great plans.

Father’s have great expectations for their children. A father desires that his child reaches the highest heights in this world.True fatherhood is simply a reflection of the fatherliness of God.

Now, imagine the greatness of God’s desires for us?!

God the father knows all the possibilities that can occur within our lives. He alone knows our true potential. How great is it then to have a heavenly father to whom we can surrender everything with the assurance that , whatever happens, ‘God knows and God has a plan’. I know it’s hard to let go of our plans and trust in God's plans, but I can put both hands on my heart and say “it is truly worth it”.

GOD IS the perfect father in whom we can find strength and courage. GOD IS the perfect father who will mould us into great men and women.

Do you feel a tug to surrender to Him? Are you willing to allow Him to take the lead?

“God will never permit anything to happen to us that is not for our greater good.”- St. Padre Pio-

A father who nourishes us.

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As individuals we grow and mature within our lives. We learn new things, experience exciting adventures and become unique persons. Am I right in stating that deep down we all want to achieve great things in life? God the father knows this fundamental desire of ours and God more than anyone wants us to spread our wings and fly high in the world. However, He knows that we can fall into the wrong paths ,along the way, and like our earthly fathers, He equips us for our journey.

He nourishes us with the very body of His beloved son, in the eucharist. In the eucharist we consume God and are intimately united with Him. God envelopes us with graces imparted through the sacraments to strengthen our journeys and ensure our protection.

What more do we need? Isn’t our Father amazing !? Shouldn’t we be running to His side to draw upon this strength, that He is awaiting to give us?

“Only when we cease to rely on our own strength can we discover that God's strength is always there for us.”― Scott Hahn (Hope for Hard Times)-

Can we make our Father proud?

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Have you ever noticed the joy of our earthly fathers when we make them proud. The emotions that appears across their faces are indescribable, right?

Now, I want you think now about the number of times we failed in making God the Father proud. Let’s think about all those situations when we were faced with a choice and we took the wrong path. Oh, how much we must have hurt God at those moments! Even more, weren’t these failed opportunities to do the right things and make God beam with pride ?!

Now, how much happiness would we give God when we make decisions with Him in mind?! As Gods’ children, first and foremost, our priority should be the will of our heavenly Father. Perhaps, from now on we can make firm decisions to think first about God the Father, before all our actions. Let’s make it our life mission to make our Father proud!

Imagine, If we didn't know God was Father. Imagine, if we didn’t know God was unconditional love. How different would it be ? Would we have this openness to Him? Would we be able to run towards Him? No, I don’t think so.

We are blessed to know that God is Father. Let’s respond with love to our loving Father and make it a mission to share this truth with others who do not know that God is love…that God is father!

God bless,

- Jubia xx

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