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Hello and Welcome :) :)

A big welcome all to my humble blog!

If you told me a year or two ago that I would have my own website and blog where I share my faith in Jesus Christ. I would have died laughing ( inside... I wouldn’t laugh out loud because that’s just not charitable guys). I mean seriously ! You have to understand something about me you see . I’m an introvert by nature. When I was little , if someone asked me a question I was too shy to even reply. I used to smile and hope they would just move on. Haha... I just cringe when I think about how I used to be. My poor parents had a hard time making me confident in front of people. This is why people say that God’s plans are different and beyond expectation. God doesn’t necessarily choose the best for his work and this is so true with me . I’m not perfect. Neither have I achieved the pinnacle in our catholic faith or anything of that sort. But I’m learning about my faith. I’m learning more about Jesus, his mother , his saints and of course Catholicism. This faith is so rich and so profound that I just get so excited about every new thing I discover . So I’m just like you and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong as it will just aid my learning further. After all, you might know something that I do not.

I’m sure you’d agree that there are times in your life when you sit down and ponder just how you got to be where you are or who are today. Am I right ? It’s very important to do that at times I’d say. When we think about our journeys in our faith lives and personal lives, It’s obvious that God had bigger plans. Maybe his plans were totally different to what you had in mind but it turned out perfect for you. Or rather your plans were similar to his but he added little things here and there. Nevertheless, I’m sure you’d agree that where you are is just right. That’s the beauty of our Lord. He knows us more than we know ourselves. He sees potential in us, as broken or as useless as we are, when others don’t. He takes this brokenness...this weakness and turns them into something so much more beautiful. He’s just amazing!

You might be thinking. Aww she drew that in the sand. But no I didn't. My sister made it and I gave her moral support as you'd say (I just watched basically). I took a picture with it of course !

I say let’s go on this journey with Christ together. Let’s discover him and his love for us. What do you say ?

~ Jubia xx

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