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Its fine ...Jesus has your back!

It’s amazing how Jesus watches at every step that we take. As Catholics we’ve all heard that ‘God is omnipotent, omnibenevolent and omniscient’. Remember GCSE RE? Ahh I remember how tongue tied we used to get trying to say it out loud. I would say it’s pretty much ingrained within the minds of anyone that attended a catholic high school. I think it’s God’s sense of humour because it doesn’t matter whether these individuals practise their faith or not! They will definitely remember these attributes of God.

We Catholics know that Jesus is the alpha (beginning) and the omega (the end). This isn’t something that’s just made up because it sounds nice rather, it’s the truth. He is the word through which all was created and nothing would exist without God’s mind and word (Don’t worry I won’t go into too much theology).

I know you might be thinking , ‘where on earth is she going with all of this?’. Well, something happened to me recently that made me realise this fully. As a cradle catholic I’ve always been told that Jesus knows us more than anyone else and that he is aware of all that we do. However , this doesn’t always fully ‘click’ until something actually happens which reminds you of this absolute truth. Would you agree ?

Now onto this something that happened. It was hectic day ahead at university with lots of things to do and I thought I had everything planned and ready to go. I can look back and laugh at myself now can’t I!

I Was on time for the bus that morning but after two bus stops I realised that I'd forgotten a form I had to bring in that day. I desperately needed the form! On impulse I got off at the next bus stop.

However, it dawned on me that there just wasn’t enough time to walk home, get the form and get on the next bus to university.

It’s was ‘mission impossible’ so I did what any girl would do, I called my mother. She was ‘superwoman’ and got on the case straight away. My mother always knows how exactly to sort out problems. But then I guess for everyone their mothers are like so.

So we made a game plan. I ran as fast as I could to the bus stop while she hurried to find the form at home. The plan was for my mother to meet me at the bus stop so that I could get the form and be on time for the bus. And (phew!) just in the nick of time we made it! It was a whirlwind of a morning and I was definitely fatigued by the end of this sudden event which I hadn’t predicted in the slightest.

After I sat down on the bus, I realised that even if I forget things, Jesus will not! I realised that it was Jesus that reminded me at the right time. Perhaps if I remembered a little later, the bus would have travelled further and I wouldn’t have been able to do anything or if I decided to go back home I certainly would’ve missed my lectures.

I know this seems like a little thing that lacks importance. However, I differ in opinion here. As a bigger picture, it shows how Jesus loves us so much that he cares for us at every step. Nothing in our lives is ever and never will be unimportant to him. Doesn’t that just bring a tear to our eyes? It certainly does to mine. What better feeling is there than knowing that the one and only God loves me! I’m nothing in front of God. I’m just a creature of His, yet he loves me? I don’t think I'll ever understand the depth of His infinite love!

Nothing could ever be without the mind and love of God. If nothing could ever be, then we would never be. Does that make sense? This means that for us to even exist, it required the love of the holy trinity. His mind is what formed us! It didn’t have to be us that He willed but He did! Well, I don’t know about you but I think that means that we are pretty important to Jesus. what do you say?

Just thought i'd try some photography and editing. Are you impressed?

Likewise, I heard a catholic apologist once say that for God there is no present , past or future because he’s outside of time.

We have a past, present and future because we are limited to time but God isn't. God created time! Hence, everything in our lives is the now of God. He knows everything we will and will not do.

What’s more amazing is that Jesus doesn’t miss a thing. Even the insignificant things that happen in a day are significant to Him. I think that’s why we go through everyday without any harm coming upon us. This is also the precise reason why we wake up each morning, to witness a new day (Scary but true isn't it).

So all I really wanted to say is take every day as a blessing and never forget that Jesus always has your back. God is bigger than us and we need not think twice about trusting him!

God bless!

~ Jubia ××

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