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“Knock knock!”... “whose there ?” ... “It’s your mother.“

Ahh our lady of Knock! Have you heard of this Marian apparition before? To be honest, I didn’t either until... well maybe a year or two ago. I’d heard it in passing from one our family friends many years ago but it wasn’t until I watched a programme on ‘shalom world TV’, about two years ago, called ‘Mary, my mother’ that the reality of this apparition was truly understood.

Now at the end of each episode ,in this series, a man would appear ( I can’t remember his name) who referred to himself as the ‘miracle hunter’. Well, at least I think that’s about correct. Just a warning I could be wrong on that one. Anyway, I’m going to stick with that because it sounds rather mysterious. Now, back to what I was telling you all about. This ‘miracle hunter’ would appear on screen and would run through some amazing apparitions that had happened throughout the history of our catholic church.

Can you guess where this story is leading? It’s pretty obvious I would say but don’t worry I won’t leave you wondering.

I was watching an episode of this programme, during the summer holidays, and at the end popped up ...wait for it ... the ‘miracle hunter’!I loved his part of the show so I listened eagerly. However, this time, he mentioned an apparition that I was unfamiliar with. It was ‘our lady of Knock’ in Ireland. Now, Ireland is very close to us here in the UK so my ears perked up. And let me tell you I was blown away at how magnificent and truly unique this apparition was. From that day onward, I wanted to visit this shrine so badly and now...

I finally did!!

That show wasn’t the only source of information I gained about ‘knock ‘. In fact, Jesus continued to expose me to all these different videos and talks on our lady of Knock when I least expected them. I wasn’t even searching for such information. For some reason Jesus does that a lot in my life. I’m sure some you’ve had similar experiences too right!?

I would like to point out that any information that I share here on our lady of Knock is from those who have searched and studied a lot about the apparition. It is from them that I have gained such information. I will link their videos and websites at the bottom of this page.

Now, what makes this particular apparition very attractive is the fact that it is at heart ‘an Eucharistic apparition’. ‘What is that?’ I hear you ask!. Here’s the answer, an Eucharistic apparition isn’t a Eucharistic miracle ( i.e. when the Eucharistic host turns into real flesh and blood) but it’s an apparition that points out the reality of the mystery of Jesus in the Eucharist. However, we refer to this apparition as ‘our lady of Knock’ because our lady is a central part of this apparition. She didn’t come alone, like she normally does (hint: Fatima and Lourdes) but she appeared with St Joseph (her spouse) , St John the apostle , Jesus as the ‘lamb of God’ and many angles ( see the image).

The Knock apparition site which is now the knock shrine. Note: this apparition was on the wall behind the parish church in knock so they made these replicas of what the apparition appeared as on this wall and build this extended building from the back of the shrine. Isn't this apparition so beautiful!

A stone from the back of the church where the apparition took place. This piece was kept when the shrine was built and added to the new build. You can touch and pray in front of where the miracle took place.

The front of the parish church in Knock, Ireland

Some of you, whilst looking at the image, may have had a light bulb flash your minds.

Does this look familiar to you ? Have you pictured this scene somewhere in the bible before? I'll give you a clue ... it starts with an ‘R' ( psst... it’s at the very end). You may have guessed and yes, Its right out of the book of ‘REVELATION'! Wow ! Just wow!

If you look carefully, Jesus is the lamb ..the lamb is Jesus. Jesus is the lamb of God who was sacrificed to our sins. The ‘scapegoat’ for all of humanity. He is on an altar with a cross behind him. This symbolises that sacrifice.Around the lamb are angels and their arms are extended towards Jesus as if to say ‘ look there he is, there is our God’. They are adoring him just as we see if ‘Revelation’.

I have to tell you that when I stood ,for holy mass, at that very spot where this apparition took place I was just mesmerised. When I repeated with the congregation, “lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us". Oh my, I can’t explain the feeling. I could see this ‘Lamb’ looking straight at us!

St John was there! Why some may ask. The answer is simple. He wrote the book of ‘Revelation’. He saw this vision right in front of him. That’s also precisely the reason that he holds a book wide open in his left hand. Yet another interesting point is that , the words written in that book when translated means the ‘alpha and omega’. Hence, he’s telling us that this ‘lamb’ is the beginning and end of all existence. Are you blown away yet? I certainly am just by writing this!

Of course, the Lord would never disregard his mother!. She appeared too in this apparition as the ‘Queen of heaven’. I mean have you seen that crown! It’s awesome! Unlike her previous appearances, she has her arms raised up towards heaven and not clasped in prayer as usual for her. This shows how she too gives honour to her Son and to the wonder of God .

Now , let’s not forget St Joseph. He was some man wasn’t he? What a humble man! He stands alongside his wife but he’s bowing a little towards his wife and his foster son. He’s acknowledging the womb which held the son of God and the lamb upon the altar, the mystery of God.

There is so much more to this. Believe me, this is nothing in comparison . I’ve shortened and simplified this amazing apparition the best I can because I know that it would be a very long blog if I mentioned every detail.

I'm still not over the excitement from having visited there and I don’t think I ever will forget just how beautiful ‘Knock’ was.

NB: I took some videos too

What can I say everyone. Jesus is amazing! our God is truly amazing! His mother, his beloved saints are the best examples we could ever ask for. Just imagine the extent of God’s love for us! He wants us to experience his reality otherwise he wouldn’t keep giving his church all these treasures of apparitions. Am I right?

God bless !

Jubia xx

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