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Trifling Colds and those 'Blue' days...

Blossom tree- Cardiff city centre
Here's a blossom tree. I didn't know what picture to take that went this 'sad' theme. So I just took a picture of this lonely tree and added some effects. I bet you're rather impressed, aren't you ??

You may have noticed a delay in me posting a new blog. I’m deeply sorry about this as I’ve been rather busy recently. I’m still busy with exam preparation and assignments but I’ve just been anxious to write something on here.

I’m a person who makes lists to get things done throughout the day. It’s the only way I get things done. Believe me when I say this , I always write down that I need to work on this blog for at least a small amount of time. However, for some reason I can never get around to doing it. Do you any of you ever feel like that?

Now, to be even more honest with you, I was planning on this blog being about St Joseph and I was hoping to upload it on the feast of St Joseph, that we celebrated just recently. But, as you may have noticed, that didn't happen. Nevertheless , a blog on St Joseph is in the works and I hope that it can be posted here very soon. However , if Jesus keeps nudging me to write something else then you will have to wait longer I’m afraid.

This blog I’m going to share with you wasn’t even something I’d thought about writing. Not even in the slightest. Jesus brought this into my mind, ‘out of the blue' as you’d say, and the desire to write about this topic just began to grow.

“Well, Jubia what is this 'topic' you’re going to talk about?”, I hear you ask. I can tell you that it isn't something any of us look forward to. It’s none other than .…SUFFERING!

I know there are those that say “ you shouldn’t mention suffering, if you want people to get to know Jesus”. Or perhaps some may comment “Jesus just wants us to be happy! If you accept him everything will be blissful”.

Unfortunately, that’s just not true!

Jesus does not say “follow me and you will always have earthly happiness”. He offers Joy that's everlasting and not limited to here on earth. Now don’t get me wrong, Jesus will bless us with many good things in our lives. Rather, what I’m trying to get across to you is that He isn’t going to take away every single obstacle and sadness that you will ever endure. He wants us to see His mercy and trust in Him at such times.

Christian life is all about partaking in the sufferings of Christ. This is a means by which we grow closer to Him. Why are we ,as Catholics, so sure about this?. Just take a look at the lives of the saints. They persevered in their faith despite numerous troubles. This is what makes them great spiritual examples.

Why don’t we take a moment to think about a few of them. Lets look at St Bernadette , St padre Pio ( He had some horrible suffering!), the apostles and early Christians. They endured unbelievable sufferings, persecutions and trials. However, it was their trust and fidelity, in the Lord, during such situations that made them who they were.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Jesus doesn’t like us and wants to make us suffer! Jesus loves us so much that he endured greatly for us. He experienced the worst so that we wouldn’t have to. Let’s face it! We are not worthy of God’s redemption. However, life has it’s trials and to those He wishes to reveal His mercy and tenderness, He permits suffering. This is to mould them into individuals who have an unbreakable bond with God. Jesus asked us to follow Him but in order to do so we too must take up our crosses !

I know you might be thinking, "what suffering did she go through to write all this?". Well, It wasn’t a big scary thing that I went through at all. I was simply ill the last week.

You might laugh at me but go ahead because I’m laughing too. I know I wrote things as an anticipation for something big and have now shocked you with the most simplest thing ever.

I can imagine many of you exclaiming “Seriously!?… all the first few paragraphs for this!”. Well, I know it wasn’t a big deal but it still didn’t feel good being ill.

Ahh I bet the saints in heaving are smiling and shaking their heads at me. Just imagine what Padre Pio will be thinking? He’s most probably saying to everyone around him “ that poor thing! All this over a trifling cold! Dear me”.

Don’t worry, they’ll find out where I’m going with this.

When I was ‘ill’ it really made me ponder about how we shouldn’t waste our sufferings despite how insignificant they appear. As Catholics we hear this quite a lot, don’t we?.

But do any of us, in the midst of pain or simply when we’re ‘under the weather’ think about offering something up for the kingdom of God ?.

I raise my arm and confess that I’ve failed to do this several times (I’m very guilty in this matter).

It’s very good and important to unite our sufferings to Jesus in prayer to help our brothers and sisters in faith.

Now, when I was unwell, I thought about all the things I could do in such circumstances and I wanted to share these 'tips' with you. So here they are:

Tip 1.

Firstly, there is no-one better to ask for help, at such moments, than Our Lady. Ahh she’s so amazing. I’m sure you’d agree that when we're ill we so long for our mothers. Am I right?. It doesn’t matter what they do, their presence make us feel loved and cared for. I’ve noticed that when my mum is there to take care of me I feel less frustrated and tired.

I thought about this a bit more and imagined what Our sweet mother in heaven would do for us! She loves us just like Jesus does and earns to show us her motherly affection.

When I’m tired I often imagine that I’m laying on her lap. I even say out ,loud at times, “ Mother Mary, I’m not feeling that great. As I lay down on your lap please help me fall asleep and get better”.

It’s that simple but it’s so effective. I suggest you all give it try even if your not unwell. You can say this every night as you prepare to sleep.

Tip 2

Secondly, offer it up! This is such a cliché for Catholics but there is a reason behind it.

Every suffering can act as sacrifice. Now, I know Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice but we can sacrifice little things in our lives for the goodness of others.

Offer up your sufferings for all the souls in purgatory (especially those who have nobody to pray for them), for all sinners, for sinners in the universal church, for the protection of holy mother church and for the Papacy ( i.e. pray for the our holy fathers travels, health and that he isn’t led into any harm or Sin). Moreover, why not offer up your suffering for the crisis in the catholic church right now ?. These are just some tips and you can offer up your sufferings for anything or anyone you wish for.

Tip 3

Finally, don’t let this time of suffering (or trifling colds!) lead you away from God.

Believe it or not , it’s very easy to do so during times like this. We often don’t feel like praying or we're just too tired to complete a single sentence in prayer, right?. I know it’s hard but have a go! Or if that’s not possible just talk to Jesus.

Tell Him what your feeling. Tell Him a your aches, pains and anxieties. He knows it already but He wants a conversation with you and longs to hear this from you. Ask Him to aid you to get through the sufferings because He’ll make it so much easier.

Remember Jesus is the divine physician, I think He can handle any situation. Now, please don’t use this to throw away any medication you have to take ! Yes, Jesus works miracles but he provides Doctors for a reason (He works through them too).

I say, take these 'tips' to change the way you approach difficulties in the future. Maybe, you could make a decision to 'try out' at least one of the above! And always remember no suffering should ever go wasted!

~ Jubia xx

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